Who We Are?

Our Vision and Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision of the future lies in providing the best designing and marketing solutions possible.

Our Mission

Provide the best customer support and design solutions that amalgamate both, ours and our client’s creative imagination. SochTak’s mission is to draw spoken designs, period.


Our Core Values

Our expertise

Meet The Team

Mian Umer Izhar

Chief Executive Officer

Umer serves as the CEO and the founder of SochTak Technologies, founded this company in 2017. His role revolves around controlling and overseeing the entire organization and scrutinizing minor and major projects. 

Saad Imran

Managing Director

Saad is serving as the Managing Director of SochTak Technologies and plays a major role in developing strategic plans and company policies. Also he is responsible for controlling all the operational activities.

Ali Zaman
Marketing Executive

Zaman is the head of the marketing team here at SochTak, marketing strategy and overseeing every marketing plan is his responsibility. Keeping our major clients up to date with every new designing needs is one of his main role as the executive.

Abdul Mueed

Graphic Designer

Mueed is the master-mind behind all the graphic creatives. He is the graphic designer here at SochTak and does what he is best at; converting ideas to reality!

Asim Shahid

Senior Website Developer

Asim is the CWO of SochTak and also the Senior Web Developer. He makes sure that our clients get the best of best, he overseas all the web-related projects himself  before finalizing. 

M. Waheed

Chief Operating Officer

Waheed is a valuable asset for this organization and plays a major role in the execution of goals devised by CEO. Also, he oversees daily administrative and operational activities.